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Range Of Timber Products

Timber is an extremely important natural resource here in the 21st century, timber is needed for building houses, buildings, boats and furniture. If you are building a modern-day house you surely will need to use timber! So, where do you get good quality timber from, well you surely can not go cut the trees in the forest by yourself because that’s just absurd! And for that very reason we here at Kazman Timber provide high quality timber and timber products so that you don’t have to do all the hard work!


At Kazman Timber we offer a wide range of products that include, treated pine which can be used for rails, plinths, palings, sleepers and capping. We also have redgum products which include fence posts and sleepers as well as hardwood and karri products such as fence posts. We here at Kazman Timber also supply products such as retaining wall posts, automation/gate motors as well as cypress pickets, rough sawn cypress, cypress pine posts, merbau decking supplies and colorbond fencing. We also provide catalogues such as our fencing product catalogue, decking product catalogue, retaining wall catalogue and fence package catalogues. Also, if you are not the best at handy work, we are proud to provide a fencer to build your fence as well as providing quotes.


We here at Kazman Timber are highly considerate of our customers and so, we want to provide them with only the best products and deals which include spotted gum posts. Spotted gum which is one of Australia’s most high quality and local hardwoods. These posts are “Green” and rough cut and have been taken from the western part of Australia. They can be incorporated beautifully in your fence or garden and you will surely get a lot of compliments on your garden fence. For more details on this please contact us via email. Another one of our specials is our good merbau decking, so if you are ever looking for extremely high-quality timber with an affordable deal that stays within your budget and looks extremely expensive, look no further than Kazman Timber as we do exactly that. You are surely guaranteed to find whatever you are looking for here at Kazman Timber!

So, if you are ever renovating or building your house and you need timber products quotes or budget friendly specials look no further than Kazman Timber as we are clearly your best and most clever choice as besides providing all the above mentioned things we are also pleased to arrange a fencer if you are not a DIYer. You are guaranteed to find whatever you need in our huge range of affordable and premium quality products and you will even save some of your hard-earned money on your desire to build a house with the finest wooden elements in it! So be wise and choose Kazman Timber as we are surely your best option!